Jerilu Produce helps schools with the Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program (FFVP)

Jerilu Produce is providing fresh produce for The Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Program (FFVP) for two area schools. The schools are using the program to introduce and promote fresh fruits and vegetables as a healthy snack option. The progam helps show kids that fresh fruits and vegetables are a healthy and tasty alternative to snacks high in fat, sugar, or salt. Every week our team works with the schools to help find a variety to serving most common fruits and vegetables, but also finds a way to introduce something new they may never have even seen or heard of.

The goal of the FFVP is to create healthier school environments by providing healthier food choices. This program expands the variety of fruits and vegetables a child may normally get, increases produce consumption and makes a difference in their diet that will impact their health both now and in the future. The fruits and vegetables are served separately from the lunch and breakfast meals. This provides a childs access to fruits and vegetables multiple times during the day. This program also helps provide education on the fruits and vegetables, promotes good manners and helps teach them to be neat and dispose of trash.

Jerilu Produce is proud to be helping in promoting healthy food choices and educating kids on produce they have been providing people for years.